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Steps to apply


Prepare required documents

All documents except the photos should be submitted in PDF form. Other file types will not be accepted.


Online Application

Fill up the application form step by step. You will not be able to skip to the next step unless you have entered all mandatory information.



After submitting the application form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If the email is not received, then your application is not completed.

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Applications for Undergraduate Programs at Ibn Haldun University are open once a year. Applications are submitted online via our Online Application System. Required documents should be uploaded to the Online Application System.


1. Acceptance Letter
Accepted students will receive their acceptance letter via e-mail. A hard copy of the acceptance letter should be presented on the day of registration.

2. High School Diploma
Diplomas should be submitted in Turkish or English. Diplomas written in other languages should be translated and notarized. Non-translated diplomas will not be accepted.

3. Transcript
Transcripts should be submitted in Turkish or English. Transcripts written in other languages should be translated and notarized. Non-translated transcripts will not be accepted.

4. Certificate of Equivalency
Certificate of Equivalency indicates that the applicant’s high school diploma is equivalent to high school diplomas received from Turkish schools. You can receive this certificate from Turkish Embassies, as well as the Turkish Republic Ministry of Education once you arrive in Turkey. Students who do not hold a Certificate of Equivalency on the day of registration should apply for conditional registration and submit the document. Otherwise, their registration process will be canceled.

5. English Proficiency certificate
Accepted students should hold at least one of these proficiency results, with minimum scores as stated below:
or should score minimum 55 in Pearson Versant Placement Test held by Ibn Haldun University. Students who do not hold any of these certificates should take English preparatory classes which are subject to the extra tuition fees.

6. Passport
Students should present their original passports and a copy of the visa page if it is available on the day of registration.

7. Residence Permit
Students residing in Turkey and holding a residence permit should have the residence permit card with them on the day of registration. Students who do not hold a residence permit can apply for it at our International office after registration.

8. 4 Passport Pictures
Four (4) passport pictures taken within the last 6 months should be submitted on the day of registration.

9. Payment
International students with a partial scholarship or non-scholarship status should submit a fee payment receipt for 1 semester or one year on the day of registration.


Application Timeline

Acceptance Criteria

Ibn Haldun University accepts international students from all over the world.

The minimum criteria and requirements are listed below:



Exam Name Minimum Requirements
ABITUR German Higher Education Entrance Qualification A minimum score of 3 out of 1
AP Advanced Placement A minimum score of 3 out of 5
GCE General Certificate Education 2 subjects (A level) + 3 subjects (O level) (GCSE/IGCSE) (minimum C score)
2 subjects (A level) + 1 subject (AS level) + 2 subjects (O level) (GCSE/IGCSE) (minimum C score)
3 subjects (A level) + 1 subject (O level) (GCSE/IGCSE) (minimum C score)
IB International Baccalaureate A minimum score of 30 out of 45
 ISO International Science Olympiads Gold, Silver or Bronze medal holders in International Science Olympiads recognized by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and
Technical Research Council of Turkey)
SAT Scholastic Assessment Test A minimum socre of 1100 out of 1600 or 1500 out of 2400


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